Sunday, October 22, 2017
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2017-10-18Pray for those in the Nursing Homes/ Shut Ins/Those in long term care
Please remember in prayer,Derah Phillips shut in at Olive Branch Assisted Living 110 Luther Road Dickson room 122, Gail Black (Bobbie Heflin's sister health/shut in), Ralph & Linda Jones Ralph has been sent home with hospice, Ailene Rial (Norma Robertson's mom), Charlie & Marie Hensley (Vickie Parker's parents they are at home) Frances Westerman with Daughter in Erin recovering from Hip surgery, Billie Cohoon, Ann Cunningham, Betty Story,  Earleen Stark , Danny Outlaw NHC, Mildred Spradlin Magnolia Place Waverly room 210, Diane Stephens Rest Home in Union City , Mary Lee Morgan Rehab at NHC for broken hip, Harold Sensing (Ms. Dot Edwards brother) in NHC for treatment & therapy
2017-10-18Gene Hoover & Mrs. Jo
 please pray for Gene he is in the hosp.  Pray for Mrs. Jo also.  
2017-10-18Marie Hensley
 please pray for Mrs. Marie & Mr. Charlie  Marie had a pacemaker put in, she is suppose to come home today.  Please pray for Vickie as she takes care of her elderly parents
2017-10-18Randall Gibbs
 please pray for Bubba & Shane's dad as he is in the hosp recovering from a serious car accident, he has multiple broken bones.  please pray **Update & Praise they have moved him to NHC for rehab 
2017-10-18Joyce Urban
 please pray for Cathy Gamel and her mom,  **Update she is now at home recovering,  pray as she adjusts to being back home**
2017-10-18Tom York
 Please pray for Katie Turman's dad as he heals from surgery 
2017-10-18Benton Foster Family
 Please pray for the family of this 22 yr old man we've been praying for he passed away.  please pray.  
2017-10-18Randall Cochran
 please pray for him as he is at home recovering from a car accident
2017-10-11Ashley Stanley & Baby Hudson
 Tammy Hyndman's niece she's 26 wks pregnant and having complications, she is in the hosp  Please pray for her and delivery of a healthy baby **Update and Praise! She had the baby he weighs a little over 1 lb, please continue to pray for the little fella, so far he is doing well**
2017-10-11Danny & Inez Norman
 please pray for them, Inez had back surgery she is at home recovering.
2017-10-11Eric Hayes
 please pray for this young man he's in critical condition in Vanderbilt from a car accident 
2017-10-11Stanley Griffin
 please pray for him as he is having test run on his kidneys.  Pray for good results
2017-10-11Karen Gibbs
 please pray for Karen as she has Bell Palsy Pray for quick healing.  
2017-10-11Dennis Yates
 please pray for him as he recovers from open heart surgery (he is at home now)
2017-10-11Pray for families who have loved ones that have passed away
2017-10-04Pray for those who are fighting cancer
Charlie Hensley prostate cancer, Shelia Johnson chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Bro. Stan Scott melanoma,Bro. Bob Morrison leukemia, Beverly Hollis oral cancer, Austin Leviner bone cancer, Martha Cooper Cancer, Linda Griffin breast Cancer, Laurie Mayo cervical cancer, Rico Ayala stage 4 colon cancer,Robin Bukelew lung cancer,  Denae Hutchinson brain tumor, Johnny Vickers brain tumor, Bubba Douglas brain tumors, Ronnie Adkins prostate cancer, Samantha Potter Brain Cancer, Linda Noland breast cancer, Alex Neff stage 4 lung cancer, Alona Parrish brain tumor, Thomas Petty prostate Cancer, Hope Welch breast cancer, Betty Jenkins stage 4 cancer 
2017-09-26Ellen (Kathye Jackson's sister)
 please pray for her, she is in CC in a hosp in Alabama  
2017-09-26Eddie Plunkett
 please pray for Bob & Kathye Jackson's son, he has been diagnosed with MS  pray as he starts treatments
2017-09-20Pray for The Military
pls pray for Jeremy Canaday and family in Alaska, Jody Canaday Afgahnastan, JJ Byrd  Navy , Jeremy Shaver (Lisa Williams cousin) Qatar. Devin Hiland Marines  South Carolina
2017-09-20Pray for Lost friends & family, Those needing spiritual healing
Phillip Hicks,  Lynch Family salvation, Graybill Family, Wayne White, Bobbie Heflin Family
2017-09-20Tonya Hiland
 please pray for her, she has a lot of health problems.  
2017-09-20Leanne Cathey
 please pray for Ms. Jean Cathey's daughter in law she has interstitual fibrosis
2017-09-20Ronnie Adkins
 Donnie Adkins brother prostate cancer, pray for him as he completes radiation treatments
2017-09-20Candace Childers
 please pray for Candy as she heals from a broken ankle, she and Denise are back at home now 
2017-06-28Carolyn Clendenin
 please pray for a co-worker of Jason Cochran, she was diagnosed with ALS  please pray for her. 
2017-06-14Isabella Owen
 please pray for 16 yr old sister of Megan Owen, she has a brain tumor, they are doing radiation to shrink the tumor in order to do a biopsy.  Please pray for her and wisdom for the doctors.