Monday, July 22, 2019

Prayer List

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2019-07-17Bro Ken Brown
 please pray for Bro Ken as he recovers from triple bypass surgery.  Pray for Cindi & the family.  
2019-07-17Noah Pulley
 please pray for this little guy he's been really sick over the past few weeks.  Please pray for strength for William and Brandy.  
2019-07-17Tina Gammon
 please pray for Danny Keaton's sister Tina, she sees a oncologist tomorrow and will be setting up radiation treatments for a tumor on her optic nerve. 
2019-07-17Beth Woodard
 please pray for Beth she has stage 4 kidney disease, please pray for her as she seeks treatments and other options  pray for healing. 
2019-07-17David Burns
 please pray for Beth Woodard's son in law he is having surgery  tomorrow to remove a mass & his thyroid 
2019-07-17John Alkire Family
 please pray for Ruth and her family (Ruth is the leader of the Good News Club at Vanleer Elem) her husband passed away.  
2019-07-17Brandon & Lexy Hargrove
 please pray for Kathye Jackson's grandson, they have a baby due in a couple of weeks. 
2019-07-17Kathye Jackson
 please pray for Kathye and her foot. 
2019-07-17Eric & Kayla Pickleseimer and baby girl
 please pray this little one she maybe facing a heart transplant
2019-07-17Levi Newberry
 please pray for little Levi's hearing, he has significant hearing loss he will go back for a check up in 6 wks  please pray for healing for his little ears.  
2019-07-17Laura Underwood
 please pray for her, she fell down some stairs and tore ligaments and tendons in her foot, shes in a boot for 6--8 wks and possible therapy,she also fell in he bathroom and broke her finger.  Please pray for healing. 
2019-07-17Alina Hicks
 please pray for Alina, she has a really bad case of shingles.  Pray for complete healing.  
2019-07-17Amy Davis
 please pray for her as she recovers from knee replacement surgery 
2019-07-17Margaret Bowker
 please pray for Ms. Margaret as she recovers from knee replacement, she is now at home recovering. 
2019-07-17Judi Qualls
. **Update Mrs Judi is at home healing and doing well please continue to pray for her**  pray as she is seeing a proton therapy specialist today.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors. 
2019-07-17Jody Canaday, wife & unborn baby
 Please pray for them as the baby is due in a few weeks. **Praise the baby has been born and is doing well.**
2019-07-17Tina Twombly
 please pray for Tina she has been having alot of sickness she is seeing a ENT today.    
2019-07-17Jerry Robertson
 please pray for him, he's in NHC room 108.  Please remember Mrs. Opal as she takes care of him.
2019-07-17Bubba Gibbs
 please pray for healing of his jaw and for him to stay well while his jaws are wired shut.  
2019-07-10Pray for those in the Nursing Homes/ Shut Ins/Those in long term care
Please remember in prayer, Charlie Hensley (Vickie Parker's dad)  Ann Cunningham , Mildred Spradlin Magnolia Place Waverly room 210, Diane Stephens Rest Home in Union City , Mary Lee Morgan NHC on HWY 100,  Randall Gibbs NHC healing from car accident, Louise Fleet NHC , Skip & Celia Delius Celia has dementia , Bud Sherrill he is home now healing from car accident
2019-06-26Pray for those who are fighting cancer
Charlie Hensley prostate cancer, Shelia Johnson chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Johnny Vickers brain tumor, Bubba Douglas brain tumors, Alona Parrish brain tumor,  Betty Jenkins stage 4 cancer  Isabella Owen brain cancer & colon cancer, Vicky Smith Breast Cancer & brain tumor, Randall Allen appendiceal cancer, Jerry Robertson lung Cancer, Anna Harris breast cancer, Kinsley Miller Brain tumor, Glenn Birchfield bone cancer,  Dana Jones Hall brain cancer , John Alkire brain cancer,Glenda Burns Cancer , Jane Crocker ovarian cancer
2019-06-26Pray for The Military
Please pray for Jeremy Canaday and family in Alaska, Jody Canaday , JJ Byrd  Navy , Devon Hiland Marines Hawaii, Austin Hiland US Air force, Nebraska, Jacob Smith Afgahnastan, 
2019-06-26Pray for families who have loved ones that have passed away
2019-06-26Pray for our Building Program
Praise God we are in the New Fellowship Center!!!!
2019-06-26Joyce Urban
 please pray for Cathy Gamel's mom, she is dealing with alot of Health problems.  She lives in Michigan.  Please pray for her
2019-06-26Dana (Jones) Hall
 Please continue to pray for Dana, **PRAISE NO SIGN OF CANCER!!!**  she does have a pinched nerve in her neck pray as she seeks treatment for that. 
2019-06-26Condry Hyndman
 Please pray for Condry, update on him, he has Alpha Gal disease it comes from a tick bite.  it makes him allergic to by products of mammals.  He's been very sick.  Please pray for complete healing.  
2019-05-22Pray for Lost friends & family, Those needing spiritual healing,