Monday, July 22, 2019

Pastor's Corner

Dr. Clark A. Brown

Welcome to my corner.
It is exciting to be Pastor of Sylvia Baptist Church. Please Contact me if I can be of help to you. I will try to share a sermon outline and perhaps a joke or two each week. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think. Thanks for dropping in.
“What Does It Take To Make You Quit?”
John 6:60-71
"A coach was trying to find a new quarterback and decided to enlist the team's help. He called them together in the locker room and told them his plan. They asked what kind of player he was looking for. He said you know there's a guy out there and if you knock him dowen he gets right back. up. They said yeah, that's the man we're looking for. He said no, that's not him. But there is a guy that if you knock him down, he gets back up and if you knock him down again he still gets back up. The team with excitement said that's the man coach. He said, no, that's not him. But, there is a guy if you knock him down he gets back up, if you knock him down again he still gets back up and if you knock him down again he still gets back up. The team shouted yes, that's the man. The coach said nope, that's not him either. He said, I want you to find that guy that keeps knocking everybody down." When all the facts are in I think we will find that there have been more folks who have started out following Jesus and quit than those stayed with Him to the end. After 3-4 years of Jesus’ earthly ministry and multitudes who had followed Him, After His death, resurrection and ascension only 120 remained. What does it take to make you quit.
I. Offences (v.61; Mark 4:17; Luke 17:1; Matt. 26:31-33)
a. Offended by the truth. When a person has the wrong perception of God and Jesus, they may be offended at the truth.
b. Offended by talk (John 18:17, 25-27). Sometimes it’s true; sometimes it’s false.
            c. Offended by tactlessness. (James 3:2).
II. Obsessions (vv.70-71)
            a. With possessions.
            b. With pleasures. (II Tim. 3:4; Heb. 11:25).
            c. With pride (John 8:32-33; Prov. 16:18; I Tim. 3:6).
III. Oppositions (v.67; Jn. 15:20; II Tim. 3:12)
A person who does not have a determination to a cause will not endure much opposition. Note “Old Hickory” (Andrew Jackson).
a. Love God – hate sin. Two most powerful emotions in the world are love and hate.
b. look past the physical. Is the opposition because you are saved?
            c. Long for the future rewards (Heb. 11:9-10; 25-27).